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The Weather

At right is the current weather for the nearest community, Stony Rapids, in both Celcius and Fahrenheit. Click the buttons for the short and long-term forecasts.

Summers are short but enjoyable in the far north of Saskatchewan, with temperatures reaching into the 70s and 80s (F) on a sunny day. Humidity is generally low. Clear blue skies are a hallmark of the north, as are cool evenings.

In mid-summer, daylight stretches for 20 hours, with the sky turning dark grey for the remaining part of the day. Early and later in the season, the northern lights dance in the skies; they are as bright and colourful here as you will find anywhere in the north.

In June, temperatures can reach 75 degrees F during the day, but will fall into the 40s at night. July provides the long hours of daylight, and highs that will reach the mid-80s. By mid-August it starts to cool off, and September generally cool but enjoyable weather.

Weather in the north tends to be volatile, and it is not unusual for temperatures to rise or fall 20 degrees or more in a matter of hours when the wind changes. We urge our guests to arrive prepared for all weather conditions, and pack a sweater and wind jacket even in mid-summer, just to be sure you are comfortable.