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Misekumaw Lake Outpost Camp



Misekumaw Lake has a self sufficient Outpost camp for up to 11 guests. Four cabins are tucked into the woods behind a beautiful beach. The common cabin provides a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living area with a wood stove. There are 3 cabins for sleeping with 11 single beds. Behind these cabins are two shower rooms with hot running water and a bathroom with a flush toilet.

This lake covers the largest area of all our lakes at 13km long and 6km wide. This scenic lake has many sand beaches, islands and sand eskers along the shores. This is an excellent trophy pike lake with many spawning areas in the shallow waters on the east side. Lake trout are also here and arctic grayling can be found in the river. During inclement weather you can choose from the 3 bays that surround the cabins and fish right off shore, many trophy pike have been caught in these bays. The boats are on the beach infront of the cabins and ready to go.

At this camp you are completely on your own schedule, bring your own food, fishing gear and clean and provide for yourselves. The camp host will give you a detailed orientation of the lake and maintain your boat. Arrangements can be made ahead of time for the purchase and delivery of your food and beverages.