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Milton Lake


This is the main lake in our group of lakes and rivers. This beautiful lake boasts a spectacular main lodge perched on some of the world's oldest rocks. The creation of these rocks began over 4 billion years ago during the Precambrian era and is now the southern edge of the Taiga Region on the Canadian Shield. A great view, spectacular sunsets and true remoteness make this a truly awe inspiring place.

The main lodge is located on the west side of the lake and some of the "hot" fishing spots are very close by. The river is just a 5 minute boat ride away and there are sheltered bays just around the corner. Huge lake trout are regularly caught right off shore in front of the lodge.  Sight fishing in the shallows for northern pike is as exciting for the beginner and avid fly fisherman alike. The arctic grayling sparkle in the fast moving waters of the river.


At Milton Lake Lodge we supply top quality fishing gear and fly fishing gear for your use while at the lodge. The guides will be happy to teach the beginners the basics of fishing, or guide the experienced anglers to their trophy catches. We encourage you to explore the area while staying with us, spend a day fishing your way up the river, step onto the beautiful sand beaches and check out the old trapper's cabin.

A great experience with exceptional fishing and superb service await you after your many miles of travel. The staff, your fellow guests and wildlife are the only face to face contact you will have as we are the only ones on our lakes. This all inclusive fishing lodge in northern Saskatchewan awaits you.