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The Lakes

Our group of six lakes and four rivers are situated on the southern edge of the Taiga Eco Region and within the Canadian Shield. The oldest rocks in the world are found here, dating back to more than four billion years. Centuries ago, the receding glaciers carved out deep holes and crevices that are our beautiful clear water lakes of today. These lakes are home to huge fish that lurk in the many bays, coves or deep holes.

Milton Lake with 150 foot deep holes is 11 km long and 9 km wide. This big wide open lake has sandy beaches, rocky areas with lots of underwater structure and many sheltered bays that provide great fishing no matter what the weather conditions are. The biggest Pike caught here to date was 35lbs and Lake Trout to just over 50lbs. Where the Porcupine River flows in and out of the lake the arctic grayling are abundant.

Misekumaw Lake covers the largest area of all our lakes at 13 km long and 6 km wide. This scenic lake has many sand beaches, islands and sand eskers along the shores. This is our best trophy pike lake with many spawning areas in the shallow waters on the east side of the lake. The lake trout are numerous and very healthy but not as abundant or as big as Milton Lake or Walker Lake.

Walker Lake is 6 km long and 3 km wide with lots of rocky areas and under water structure. Lots of huge cabbage weed beds make for great trophy Pike fishing. Lake trout are also found here. The Porcupine river flows out of Walker and into Milton lake. This river has been canoed and offers great pike and arctic grayling fishing.


PiotrofskyScarcy, and McHarg Lakes are our other lakes. We look forward to the adventure of exploring these lakes and opening them to anglers in the future.

The mystical quality in this remote area is clearly present when the aurora borealis shimmers in the night sky. Look closely and you will find petroglyphs that the Dene hunters left here on their few excursions into this area. 

Be prepared to step into a simpler time and enjoy complete relaxation in this wilderness wonderland.