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There are many considerations to think about before deciding on the location for your trip. All of our waters have had very little fishing pressure in their history. The main lodge has only operated for 5 short seasons, before this the waters were virtually untouched by anglers and some of our fly out lakes have never yet even been test fished! This allows for an abundance of trophy sized fish in our crystal clear waters. Last season one of our guests reeled in a 22 lb lake trout while standing on the dock waiting to go out in the morning. No long boat rides are needed for excellent angling of northern pike, lake trout or arctic grayling. We ensure great fishing for future generations by practicing catch and release with safe handling procedures, being conservation wise, and appreciating the environment that surrounds us.

All of our locations provide crystal clear waters with lots of great fishing, wildlife and scenery. Each of the three locations offer different levels of service and accommodation.

Milton Lake Lodge is designed to accommodate groups of up to 16 people. Fine dining , luxury and fantastic fishing combine together to create a great adventure.

Walker Lake’s private cabin has room for four to six guests. Small groups can enjoy a fantastic fishing adventure with the ease of prepared meals and daily housekeeping.

Misekumaw Lake Outpost can accommodate up to 11 guests, boasts a great beach out front of the cabins, and is self sufficient camp with the guests providing for themselves.

Look in the rates section to see what is included with each package.  Call us at 1-780-493-0455 or fill out the Contact Us form to find out about pricing for large groups and custom trips.