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Milton Lake Lodge is situated on the north shore of the lake, 40 miles south of the North West Territories border, in far north-eastern Saskatchewan. Milton Lake is located at 59 degrees 31' 32" N 103 degrees 52' 51" W. Misekumaw Lake is located at 59 degrees 13' 31" N 103 degrees 36' 25" W and Walker Lake is locatd at 59 degrees 23' 50" N 103 degrees 49' 51" W.

The map immediately below shows the location of the lakes within north eastern Saskatchewan. The second map shows the lakes and rivers which have been allocated to Milton Lake Lodge & Outpost for fishing. Our guests have the exclusive use of Milton Lake, Walker Lake and Misekumaw Lake, as well as the use of other lakes and rivers as shown on the map.




The maps above show the location of Milton Lake Lodge within North America, and within the province of Saskatchewan. You will be flown to the lodge from Saskatoon.