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An Ideal Destination For Your Trophy Bear Hunt

Northern Saskatchewan has a thriving number of black bears with a good percentage of color phase bears highly sought after by experienced hunters. In years gone by the trapper's  made their living hunting and trapping bears, and the native Indians harvested many bears for food, clothing and shelter. Today under government regulation, hunter's help to control the numbers and maintain a healthy population of bears in Saskatchewan.

Milton Lake Lodge is excited to introduce a spring and fall black bear hunt. The area is fresh, untouched and home to many trophy bears. 

The lodge is hundreds of miles from civilization and only accessible by air, making this the most remote Saskatchewan bear hunt available. The experienced professional guides will customize each trip to suit your preferences. The bait sites are well established and wide spread. Spot and stalk options are also available for those looking for a different adventure.

We can provide rifles and ammunition if you do not wish to bring your own.

Hunter's can also enjoy some of Canada's best northern pike, lake trout and arctic grayling fishing. 

Guests will appreciate our premium main lodge with first class service, gourmet meals, private rooms and all the comforts of home.

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Things to know before your trip

Before you come on your bear hunt with us, you should familiarize yourself with regulations governing hunting and gun registration.

The Saskatchewan Environment & Resource Management website has the provinces hunting regulations. The Canada Firearms Centre has information about Gun Registration. All non resident guests must complete the Non Resident Firearm Declaration form. (Canadian government forms RCMP 5589/CAFC 909 and RCMP 5590/CAFC 910) and present them in triplicate and unsigned at the Canadian border, along with your firearm and $50.00 Cnd payment. We will provide forms and links to the forms once a trip is booked.

Click here for a list of What To Bring and other Tips for preparing prior to your trip.

Trail Cam Pics

Here are a few pics from the trail cameras. These guys are still roaming the area.