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The Harmony of Nature - Our Commitment to the Environment

This is one of the last great wilderness regions where bald eagles, black bears, moose, caribou, lynx, wolves, and arctic foxes are a part of the landscape. Feed the whiskeyjacks and squirrels by hand, howl with the wolves and listen to loons laugh in the rain.

Milton Lake Lodge, Misekumaw Lake Outpost and Walker Lake Outpost provide opportunities to see and photograph rare carnivorous plants, brilliantly plumed boreal songbirds and shy waterfowl.

The Taiga Shield’s abundant waters attract hundreds of thousands of ducks, loons, geese and swans which come to nest or simply feed and rest before continuing their spring and fall migrations.

To preserve these ecologically sensitive regions we practice sound management of the natural resources under our care by creating the smallest possible footprint on the landscape. A strict catch and release policy with the exception of shore lunch, and barbless hooks, is the first step in our environmental commitment. We use phosphate free cleaners, composting toilets and encourage reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible by staff and guests alike. We’ve lessened our carbon footprint by using only top-of-the-line 4-stroke outboard motors and will upgrade products and systems as new technology develops.

Our goal is to preserve this wilderness wonderland for generations to come.