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Boats & Tackle

When you are at Milton Lake, you will be comfortable and safe, and able to get around fast in our 18ft. Lund Outfitter boats. They have huge casting decks and are equipped with 40 horse power 4-stroke motors. Experienced guides will take you to the best spots and help you land the big ones. Each boat is for the use of two guests and their guide.

The boats also feature Hummingbird fish finders, rod holders, loads of storage space, deluxe swivel seats, life jackets, and a live well.

Having the right tackle will make fishing more fun, and more successful. We provide our guests with the use of high quality fishing gear. We use a mix including, Sage rods, reels and line for fly fishing and St. Croix bait casting and spinning rods coupled with Shimano reels for hard tackle fishing. Cabelas and Simms waders and boots are available for those who want to wade.

Our Milton Lake Lodge store has a wide selection of tackle and other necessities. 


Here are our tackle recommendations for the species you will be catching:

Northern pike:
Known locally as jackfish, they are relatively easy to catch because they are natural predators and will go for the bait. The best lures are big spoons, spinners and jerkbaits, but they will attack any artificial bait that looks big enough for a meal. Use a wire leader so the line will not be sheared off by the pike's sharp teeth. When hooked, pike may leap or thrash on the surface, then make powerful runs.

Lake trout:
Lake trout like to fight a determined battle underwater and you definitely know when you have one on the line! Both jigging or trolling with spoons works best. 

Arctic grayling:
They are quick to take a fly, and likely to jump when hooked. Use wet or dry flies, nymphs, or small spinning lures and natural bait.